if you dont work out then why are you wearing work out clothes in almost all your pictures?

Because they’re comfy as hell duhhh ♡

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Babylove forever ♡
your body is amazing though...

Thanks tho ♡

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Mamie Van Doren - Cavalcade Magazine 05 1967

Dumbest thing to me is when someone tells me my body is “unproportional”

We’re humans, of course we are.. you have one eye slightly bigger than the other, one eyebrow looks way nicer than the other, you got one boob slightly smaller than the other.. no one is built perfectly proportionate ♡

I think it's so awesome that you play age of empires 👍 have you ever played the total war games?

I’ve played age of empires like, a long time ago & my boyfriend got the third one for me to play (the one I’m playin now) ♡ I don’t play many games, I’m pretty picky about my games haha:) x

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My photo and edit. 
More edits here. 
Lemme handle that 🎶 butt

The booty can handle itself, thanks ♡

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Baked a pecan pie, now about to play age of empires ♡
You have a amazing blog love how you handle all the ass hats on a daily basis. Pat is a lucky guy wish you the best. know everyone tells you but your beautiful hope your having a great week :)

♡ thank you friend ^.^ x

I hope everything goes well with your boobies 😘

Aweh thank youu lovely ♡

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